In 1998, the "Ghost Tour in Strathearn Park" was conceptualized and created by Jan Glasband, Bill Appleton and local writer, Angela Randazzo as a joint fund-raiser for the Simi Valley Historical Society and Actors' Repertory Theatre of Simi. The Ghost Tour has delighted thousands of audience members of all ages, performing over three weekends during the latter part of October.

After a brief introduction, staggered groups of approximately twenty-five people are led on a walking tour of the four and a half acre park after dark. Young narrators are stationed at thirteen locations, where audience members are introduced to more than twenty historical residents of Simi Valley. The "ghosts" at each stop entertain guests with short monologues or scenes, describing interesting, often humorous stories of their lives in Simi Valley.

The "Ghost Tour in Strathearn Park" has become one of the most anticipated community events in the history of the valley, offering families the opportunity to enjoy an evening of educational and culturally enriching entertainment – an experience that embodies what ARTS is all about.